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How to Maximize Profits with Proper Machinery Alignment

It’s a cruel reality, but in a business-minded world companies are concerned with only one topic: PROFIT. And there are two ways to go about maximizing profits: Either increase the number of sales or decrease the total costs. One aspect of business that has a significant impact on a company’s profits is expenses incurred due to equipment failure. Yet the maintenance cost for down equipment is just a piece of the pie that comprises the total costs, and often the expense of parts and labor to repair the machine can be one of the smaller costs. Other, more significant costs include lost production, contractual penalties, consequential damages, and liability for injury, all of which can exceed the cost of the repair itself. One way to decrease a company’s machinery failure rate and thereby increase profits is through proper alignment. Good alignment allows machines to run more efficiently, consuming less power and increasing output. Power loss (or power savings) is only a ‘small piece of the saving pie’. However, it will be always significant. For instance, alone a 30 kilowatt per hour reduction in power consumption on a large compressor train at $0.06 per kwh can save you up to $15,768.00 in electricity per year.

Precision alignment pays by reducing operating cost, downtime costs, improving machine reliability, and increasing uptime and profits.

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