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How Effective is Your Asset Maintenance Program?

"I'm doing all my PMs but my equipment continues to fail, OEE is below acceptable levels and the Maintenance Department continues to fight fire. What's wrong?"

If this sounds familiar, you're not alone. Establishing and managing an effective Preventive (PM) / Predictive (PdM) maintenance program is a monumental task. While some organizations have been able to focus resources and expertise to establish an effective asset maintenance program, many organizations still struggle with understanding the scope of what needs to be included in asset maintenance plans.

Asset maintenance plans must include all required maintenance activities and considerations. A fully developed asset maintenance plan should be failure mode driven, consider all aspects of required maintenance, and consolidate "like" maintenance tasks when possible. You need to consider the following factors in creating your effective asset maintenance plan:

• Contractor maintenance
• OEM requirements
• Federal and State regulatory requirements
• Operator care requirements
• Warranty requirements
• Mechanical maintenance
• Electrical maintenance
• Instrumentation and controls maintenance
• Rotating asset maintenance
• Stationary asset maintenance
• Linear asset maintenance
• Safety and environmental requirements

Tip provided by: Paul Langan, Project Manager
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