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I Spy . . . Contamination with Visual Oil Analysis

There is no doubt that taking a sample of your lubricants and sending it to a commerical lab for physical and chemical analysis is an ideal way to identify the "health" of your oil. However, the benefit of visual inspections should not be underestimated. What better way is there to see contamination right away, from any angle, as you walk by a piece of equipment in your plant? Visual oil analysis helps you, at a quick glance, see what's happening inside your equipment. The use of oil sight glasses, 3-D BullsEyeTM viewports, and oil level indicators and levelers allows you to ensures the correct oil level, visually detect the presence of contamination (particularly water), and examine the oil color and clarity to indicate problems such as oxidation, thermal stress, or other contamination-related issues.

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Tip Provided By: Michelle Arceneaux, Sr. Product Manager
Des-Case Corporation

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