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Inertial Roller Alignment for the Blown Film Industry

Roller alignment is one of the most critical aspects of running a high quality product in the web processing industry. Our PARALIGN roll alignment device uses gyroscopic technology to bring this task into the modern age. The PARALIGN device measures a roll’s center axis in space and compares each center axis to a single reference, creating a platform where elevation, proximity, and location are no longer a limitation to alignment.

Many industries contain rollers with little or no line of sight, creating the perfect application for this inertial technology. Specifically, in the blown film industry, rollers are mounted over several stories creating a problem for traditional line of sight alignment methods. With the PARALIGN device a blown film line can be measured from top to bottom in as little as 60 minutes.

Read the full tip from Eric Elder, Service Manager at PRUFTECHNIK USA at LinkedIn

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