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Proper installation of the infrared window is critical for the long-term use of the window and for the long-term performance of the electrical panel and equipment enclosure. Before starting an infrared window installation you must consider the following:

1. Do your homework first: check all applicable certifications and ratings.
2. Gather as much of the following information as possible, while the equipment is de-energized (remember that equipment shutdowns are hard to get so make the most of it!!).
a. Take high quality digital pictures
b. Standardize the target emissivity
c. Make detailed measurements
d. Note any internal obstacles
e. Conduct any outstanding maintenance tasks
3. Complete a thorough Risk Analysis and Method Statement before starting energized installations.
4. If possible, complete a specialized training program dealing specifically with installation of infrared windows.

1. Remember to label the windows correctly, since this data will be used during future inspections.
2. Complete an infrared inspection at the end of the window installation in order to create a benchmark/baseline for future inspections.

For more information on this subject and others relating to infrared window installation and their safe and efficient use download "10 Things You Need To Know About Infrared Windows" from IRISS.

Tip Provided by: IRISS

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