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Is It Copying or Flattery?

Who inspired and influenced your blog post, article, presentation or other work?

They say copying is the sincerest form of flattery but as the leader of a publishing and conference team that invests in and works hard to contribute original ideas to the reliability community, we do not always view it as such.

Citations and attributions are a great way to give credit to the many sources of inspiration that helped you create a work. Go ahead, stand on the shoulders of a teacher, author, speaker, or subject matter expert but please give them a name!

Citation is a scholarly practice for tracking the ideological underpinnings of a work, usually referencing sources like published books, articles, government documents, primary sources, etc.

Attribution is about crediting a copyright holder according to the terms of a copyright license, usually crediting works like articles, presentations, books, music, video, and photography.

If you write articles, make presentations or create other work based on inspiration from others - that is great! If you want to encourage the people that inspire you to continue their hard work - give them some credit. I promise it won’t hurt and it will add validity to your work.

Please use the links below to learn best practices for attribution and citation.

Best practices for attribution



How to Cite Sources & Not Steal People's Content on the Internet
Written by Corey Wainwright | @Corey_bos

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