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Make a Connection Between KPIs and Required Data

When deciding, what data should be collected:

  1. Begin with the end in mind, (company AIM)
  2. What data will be needed for analysis?
  3. Decide which Reports are used in each level of the organization:
    • International
    • Regional
    • Local Site Operations Reports
    • Severe Problem Solving
    • etc..

Look at System Requirements and your Business Process Requirements. Regulatory and Procedural data. When training your Users and Leadership make the relationship between the data collection and the finished reports. When they see WIIFM, you will get buy in.

Never assume that you do not need certain data, rather fault on the side of too much data. Don’t be afraid of the data. New data analytics tools can handle the sorting and aggregation. You can always analyze and adjust data requirements.

You Cannot do Strategic Analysis of Data that you do not collect!

Make the connection:
People & Training + Required Data Fields = Good Reports

Tip provided by Dave Reiber CRL / CMRP
Senior Reliability Leader, and Uptime Magazine

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