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Making Automation Data Part of the Maintenance Process

Automation has revolutionized industry and allowed us to produce more and do more in less time and with fewer resources. However, the majority of automated systems integrate well for operations, but not maintenance. We spend all of this time and effort automating operations, and then manually gather information on this equipment to maintain it.

Most often automated machines come with their own diagnostics, which are then manually gathered by our maintenance professionals and manually compared in order to determine the health of the asset. Some of these automated systems update so frequently that manual gathering or monitoring of the information often misses vital trends that if recognized could help to avoid downtime or even dangerous situations.

Ivara On-Line Data Collection (ODC) efficiently automates this process. Ivara ODC is used to collect information already provided by your machinery, but on a frequency right for the Maintenance function. ODC can integrate with various systems, gather and compare information to provide operations and maintenance with a dashboard of health indicators in one program to allow for more efficient and expedient deployment of resources.

Analyze data from:

  • Online control systems and sensors
  • Data historians including OSIsoft's PI
  • Predictive technology data such as oil analysis, vibration, thermography
  • OPC standard data sources
  • External ODBC Databases
  • MS Excel

ODC effectively empowers the workforce to focus on making informed decisions instead of on symptom gathering. Ivara is a member of the OPC Foundation and MIMOSA.

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