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Making Maximo Work for You - Hard Reservations, Soft Reservations, and Back Orders

Starting with Maximo version 7.5, it is possible to reserve items by indicating a reservation type of Soft, Hard, or Automatic. This reservation type is applied on the Plans tab within the Work Order Tracking application when adding needed materials.

Selecting the Reservation Type of Soft indicates that materials are not ‘time sensitive' in terms of when they will be needed. These reserved items will not be considered in calculations of Available Balance for an item in inventory.

When a Reservation Type of Hard is indicated on materials included on a work order, this means that the Required Date for the item is important. The Hard reservation amount is subtracted from an Item's Current Balance to indicate a total Available Balance for the item in inventory. If the Available Balance is driven below ‘0' a reorder will then be generated.

For Reservation Types of Automatic, Maximo will determine whether a Reservation Type of Soft or Hard is appropriate based on the Required Date field. The Required Date field becomes a required entry field for Reservation Types of Automatic. The reservation will display as either APSOFT or APHARD when issuing the reserved items through the Inventory Usage application.

On a final note, a ‘BACKORDER' Reservation Type will display within the Inventory Usage application when a Hard Reservation is made against an item that causes the item's Available Balance to drop below ‘0'. The back order will only be indicated however when the ‘Disallow Negative Available Balance' option is selected in the Inventory Defaults Select Action menu option within the Organizations application.

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Tip Provided By: Richard Foster, Senior Consultant

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