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Moving to a Two-Tiered Predictive Maintenance Program

In a way, the existing arrangement at MSDGC WWT was in two tiers, one provided by an ACM/PdM services contractor and the other provided by in-house maintenance ACM/PdM practitioners. In reality, however, they were not really connected. Each applied different technologies and there was no direct interaction between the personnel involved. Also, there was no joint correlative analysis of data from the various technologies employed.

As a result of the ACM/PdM program assessment findings, the decision was made to establish a centralized ACM/PdM team as one tier of a two-tiered arrangement. Maintenance crew ACM/PdM practitioners formed another tier. The two-tiered arrangement is shown in Figure 3-1.

Figure 3-1: A two-tiered ACM/PdM program

Tip from Asset Condition Monitoring Managementby Jack Nicholas 

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