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One of the more common utilized and misunderstood Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) is MP-2. This system is relatively easy to use provided there is a fundamental understanding of how the system is designed to function. All users must be able to locate the proper equipment where activities are performed. Location of this equipment and the utilization of Work Orders are critical to ensure accurate costing information is collected.

One of the simplest methods to ensure the users at the site understand how to locate equipment is to train them on the utilization of the COMPONENTS function within MP-2. If all equipment has been properly established in the equipment hierarchy and you have linked the components together, this becomes an easy way to navigate through the site equipment and quickly identify the proper equipment where activities will be performed.

Once this training has been completed print out a COMPONENTS report for each specific area or line and post the report in numerous areas to assist in locating the proper equipment. This visual aid helps ensure accurate information is collected to the proper asset. To ensure maximum success the COMPONENTS report can be exported into Excel and utilized to develop equipment tags for each asset. What better way to ensure accurate costing is captured to the correct equipment than tagging them with the assigned MP-2 equipment number and description?

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Tip provided by, Dave Bertolini, People and Processes, Inc.

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