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Another common misunderstood area of MP-2 is the SCHEDULING and UTILIZATION of crafts and employees. If established properly the calendar within MP-2 should be green, yellow, or red. There are a few things that must be established to take full advantage of SCHEDULING and UTILIZATION capabilities of the system. For example:

The site SCHEDULE must be established with the normal workdays for the site. If the site works 24/7 then the site SCHEDULE would be set to YES for each day. If the site normally works 24/7 and there are company holidays they would be established as EXCEPTIONS (i.e. Thanksgiving, Labor Day, etc.). The MP-2 calendar will display these days in gray indicating it is a non-working day.
Employee SCHEDULES must be established for each employee. These should be populated with their true hours of availability. Although the employee may be paid for an 8-hour shift, their availability would be reduced for lunch, breaks, etc. Typically if they have a paid lunch and two 15-minute breaks per shift, their availability would be 7.0 hours per day. This time must be entered for each day normally worked. Just like the site SCHEDULE, employees can have EXCEPTIONS for vacation, etc to reduce hours of availability or increase hours of availability for overtime.
All work orders must have a craft identified, a crew size (number of crafts), and an estimated time to complete the activity.
If you have established the above correctly, you should see the MP-2 SCHEDULE displayed in green, yellow, or red. If you place your cursor over any given day Green indicates ample craft availability for the day and it displays the craft utilization percentage (0% - 80%). Yellow indicates 80% or above utilization, and red indicates 100% or more craft utilization. Now it's merely dragging and dropping work orders on the day you wish to perform the work. Not sure where or how to get started with MP-2 and you, we can help.

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