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Another common misunderstood area of MP-2 is INSTRUCTIONS and TASKS. INSTRUCTIONS are developed for specific activities and linked together as TASKS. The INSTRUCTIONS are the necessary steps to safely, effectively, and efficiently accomplish the activity, while the TASK controls the frequency at which the INSTRUCTIONS are performed.

Consider the activities that would/could be established for a conveyor and its defined components. There are INSTRUCTIONS developed the conveyor itself, and then the gearbox, and then the motor attached to the conveyor. INSTRUCTIONS are developed for each specific activity (one for the conveyor, one for the gearbox, and then one for the motor). Each INSTRUCTION is unique and should be established for each equipment type (for example, an INSTRUCTION written that could cover all roller type conveyors, gearboxes, etc.) This becomes your library of INSTRUCTIONS for utilization for all inspections.

Once INSTRUCTIONS are established they must be assigned to a TASK. The TASK controls the frequency at which it is performed (weekly, monthly, etc.) the craft which will perform it (mechanical, electrical, etc.), and the duration of the activity. The INSTRUCTIONS are linked together in the TASK, so the above example would include an INSTRUCTION for the conveyor, one for the gearbox, and one for the motor. The sequence they are listed on the Work Order is controlled by assigning a PRIORITY to each INSTRUCTION. For example if you wanted the conveyor inspection first it would be assigned a PRIORITY of 1, if the motor was next a PRIORITY of 2, and the gearbox would be assigned a PRIORITY of 3.

Typically most users develop INSTRUCTIONS and TASKS for each piece of equipment and have hundreds established within MP-2, if utilized properly the total number of INSTRUCTIONS developed is a fraction of that.

Think green and reduce the number of INSTRUCTIONS within your system by properly utilizing it. Not sure where or how to get started with MP-2 and you, we can help. People and Processes it's more than a name, it's about the people and giving them sound processes.

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Tip provided by Dave Bertolini, Managing Principal, People and Processes, Inc.

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