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Over Maintaining? Under Maintaining? Are You and Your Company at Risk?

If we perform corrective work too soon, we use resources unnecessarily. We also risk destabilizing a stable system that can result in an unplanned equipment failure.

If we wait too long to perform corrective work, repair costs will be higher because substantial secondary damage will occur. This damage can cause problems in other areas such as productivity, quality, safety and environment.

To avoid these costly scenarios, we need to understand what the actual state our equipment is in and provide the appropriate maintenance at the right time.
Inspection results are often vague and subjective because they tend not to accurately specify the severity of equipment condition.

Once we have enough data about equipment that we have inspected using these severity states, we can track and trend equipment performance. This will provide the information we need to perform the right corrective work at the right time.

To learn more about how the EXP Asset Performance Management system can help you track and trend asset performance, visit www.ivara.com.