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Pre-Alignment Checks plus Essential Clean-up and Preparation Tasks

The following are simple but often ignored pre-alignment checks which will allow you to check for soft foot and start making moves immediately after taking alignment readings:

1. Clean up the work area around the machines to be aligned.
2. Remove jacking bolt fixtures and wire brush the corrosion off them.
3. Clean and grease the hold down bolts and jack bolts with white lithium grease.
4. Drill and tap new holes in the base to add jack bolts (if none are available).
5. Replace dirty used shims with new precut stainless steel shims.
6. Rough align the pump (or left machine) so its anchor bolts are centered in bolt holes of the feet.
This preparation work will save much time on the actual alignment, and more importantly, will ensure that the next time an alignment job must be performed the jackscrews, base and anchor bolts will be in good condition, allowing the machines to be quickly and accurately realigned.

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