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Pre-Alignment Steps for Better Alignments in 2014

It is a good idea to complete a few pre-alignment steps prior to conducting any alignment activity. For instance:

1. Verify a possible misalignment condition by using a condition monitoring technology such as vibration analysis or thermography when possible. This will help to identify the type of misalignment condition that is present, and any other conditions that could prevent a successful alignment. This may prevent unneeded work activity.

2. Conduct a visual inspection to identify foundation deterioration, grout quality issues, broken bolts, cracks in the machine feet or base, etc. These issues should be corrected before any alignment activity is started.

3. You may wish take a current power consumption and vibration reading on the equipment prior to any alignment activity and another set of readings after the machine has been properly aligned. This will document reductions in harmful vibration as well as the energy required to operate the equipment resulting from improved alignment.

4. Consideration should be given to thermal growth. Accurate thermal growth values should be determined and used during the alignment process. This will help ensure that the equipment is properly aligned during normal operating conditions.

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