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Procedure indexes are needed in all but the smallest organizations for ease of access and referral for actual application, training, or change or cancellation of the procedure(s) listed therein, whether in digital or printed form. For ease of access, lists or indexes of procedures may be created that group titles of procedures in logical categories associated with the activity, system, or area of a facility. Typical categories or indexes for procedures include:

  • Administrative (e.g., security, vacations, work schedules, public relations)
  • Departmental (e.g., human resources, accounting, payroll, information technology, marketing, sales, shipping and receiving, training)
  • Physical Facility, System, or Major Component (e.g., air conditioning, conveyor, electrical distribution, heating, hydraulics, packaging, pumping, manufacturing product line, plant, building, vehicles)

Tip from Secrets of Success with Procedures by Jack Nicholas

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