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This year has been great for your company, the facility is expanding, and new equipment is being installed... But you don't have a CMMS or EAM in place. You've just been overwhelmed with activities in support of the expansion or new equipment installations and just haven't had the time. After all you can identify and purchase a system after the equipment is commissioned and the holidays are over... right?
Might not be a good idea... Establishing a system and collecting the necessary information for inclusion within the system is actually easier as the expansion or equipment installation is occurring. Equipment access is simpler, necessary equipment information is clean and recordable and the vendor information is still readily available to assist in identifying the necessary maintenance procedures and necessary critical spare parts. It doesn't get any easier to establish a system and collect the information than right now.
Don't procrastinate; take advantage of the easy way to get it done.

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Tip Provided By Dave Bertolini, Managing Principal, People and Processes, Inc.

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