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Quick Decision Checklist

Sometimes it is necessary to make quick decisions in the course of the day. There might be no time for research or reflection. There is one thing that you should do ahead of time. Know your organization's AIM (Mission, Vision and Values). Translate that AIM into a workgroup set of goals (consistent with the AIM). If your work group doesn't have clear goals, be sure to work on this. Clear goals and clear mission make clear decisions.

Once done (with the goal setting) try this:

  • Your choice should alter the work group's goals the least
  • Set aside normal delegation
  • Take control of the situation to ensure clear communication
  • If you make the decision take full responsibility
  • Get into action

This is not the time to observe all of the niceties of discussion, or of consensus type supervision. You must take control, take responsibility and act. Maintenance emergencies frequently require this type of decision making.

Tip provided by
Joel Levitt, CRL, CPMM, Prosci Certified Change Management Practitioner
Director of Projects for the Reliability Leadership Institute™ 

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