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Many organizations are keen or feel pressured to make substantial improvements to the Maintenance and Reliability practices and they quickly set off on doing so. They have quickly reached the ‘Gone’ state without ever waiting for the Ready Steady phases which, in turn, can lead to wasted effort and in some cases simply failure.

The Ready state is when you prepare - you assess your current level in the various aspects of Maintenance and Reliability with special regard to what is important for your organization.

The Steady state is where you look at where you want to be – what area and what level do you want to achieve.

Carrying out a maintenance assessment which consists of doing what’s described in the Ready Steady phases and then developing a plan for closing any gaps is the best way to start any improvement initiative and gives you a greater chance of success. So please, at the start of every race (initiative) carry out a baseline assessment understand what you want to improve and develop a plan so that when you get the Go signal you can be sure you do the right things at the right time to help your organization improve.

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Tip provided by Cliff Williams, CRL, Principal Advisor Maintenance and Reliability

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