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Revisit your electrical infrastructure’s short circuit coordination study (SCCS), determine if your critical breaker’s trip units have spares or can be upgraded to the manufacturer’s latest. If your facility has not had SCCS, get it done, the liability from a safety perspective is too great and NFPA requires such a study.

Assess your critical breakers and work with the manufacturer to confirm you have their latest trip unit, many upgrade their trip units allowing enhanced system protection, coordination, metering and communications options to better support your system, potentially reducing the consequences of hidden failures within your electrical system. Latest trip units feature adjustable Long-Time, Short-Time, Ground Fault, and Ground Fault Alarm for enhanced time-current curve adjustability and more. Do you retain or can you quickly acquire a new breaker in the event a failure in your power path? Keep the SCCS setting’s information in a conspicuous location and perform injection testing before installing new breakers.

Tip Provided by: Paul Mihm

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