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1) If you do not find and correct the root cause of a failure it will hit you (likely in a vulnerable spot) again!

2) If the same undesired event happens more than once, you have a programmatic deficiency.

3) The root cause is defined by the culture or philosophy of the organization seeking the root cause.

4) Root cause analysis starts out as a reactive process and after it is fully understood, it becomes a proactive process.

5) If an organization seeks answers honestly and with integrity, the root cause can always be found.

6) Dereliction of duty, or lack of attention, are the only personnel performance problems which are not programmatic in nature.

7) The use of disciplinary action as a learning experience does not instill a sense of ownership or quality.

8) Use experts to solve technical problems; use peer-to-peer interviews and peer review committees to solve personnel performance issues.

9) In simply satisfying the need to be needed, you will prevent more personnel problems than any other act.

Tip provided by:
Jack Nicholas Jr., Author of Root Cause Analysis

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