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Configuring your SAP system to accept maintenance notifications as triggers from asset inspections or condition monitoring systems can be done either to the equipment IDs, the functional locations or to both. However, it is considered good practise to choose either to trigger maintenance notifications either to functional locations or to the equipment IDs, and not to have a mix of both. This is especially true if you enter Malfunction start and end dates on any of the generated notification types (which would be the case if you are planning on taking the asset offline for repair based on the inspected or measured condition). If you mix the generated notifications at both the functional notification level and the equipment level, this may pose a problem if you are

a) planning to use SAPs built-in ability to calculate MTTR, MTBR and/or MTBF, or

b) if you are using rotable assets whose equipment IDs are moved from one functional location to another.

So, if possible, if you are, or are planning to automatically generate maintenance notifications from an external inspection / condition monitoring system, decide to generate at the equipment ID level of the functional location level, and try not to mix the two.

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