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Struggling to become reliable? Is every day a new day from a chaos perspective? Realize you are not alone but more importantly, also that there is a better way. Thinking the people don't want to change with you? Nope, they get tired of the reactive chaos too but don't understand how to overcome the struggles. Generally, we get bound up believing that more resources will solve those struggles. Not so in most cases. The trick is to review the work. Are we finding items in the act of failure or simply finding failures? How are you feeding the CMMS, or executing Planning and Scheduling? Have the right parts and materials. All of these items must be reviewed and a strategic plan put in place to build the foundation. What do I do to learn more?

Here is an award winning solution that entails 4 parts and nearly a year of coaching for your improvement.

Tip Provided By: Jeff Shiver, CMRP, CPMM, CRL, RCM2 Practitioner
Managing Principal

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