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Take Advantage of the Motor Run Witness Test as a Learning Opportunity

There is nearly zero value in arriving at the motor shop with the expectation of watching the motor turn. When visiting the repair shop always take along a field technician, ideally the tech that first troubleshot the problem. Their time is valuable but if the witness test is done properly the time spent in the repair shop will payoff greatly.

You should develop a standard checklist of items for general review of the motor shop's repair records; nameplate, fits, measured reading, pictures, etc. Along with the standard list include those items that have been previously inadequately accomplished by the motor shop and those specific items of interest from your repair specifications. Discuss in detail what was found, what was done and recommendations on how this failure could have been avoided or perhaps identified earlier. Always ask the motor shop to discuss one part of the repair process in detail, ideally one process of your choosing. All of this is done prior to entering the shop floor in an office environment so there are no distractions.

All repair shops must recognize they are our partners in achieving improved and continued reliability of the company's equipment. As a partner we and they are both obligated to share information vital to the objective. Again I retain that the value of witness testing is not watching repaired equipment operate but rather in the provided learning opportunity - take advantage of it.

Reader tip provided by David A Martin, CMRP
Maintenance Coordinator
Cut Off, Louisiana

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