Cognitive behavioral models are models of the mental processes behind behavior, including learning, problem solving and reasoning. These models allow us to understand the individual capacity of each person, how their values and beliefs, their individuality and their spirituality define and influence their behavior. These types of models are widely used in the analysis of organizations due to two factors: the activators, called antecedents, and the consequences of behavior; both of these factors can be managed by organizations.

The ABC model of behavior, shown in Figure 9, provides a simple step-by-step approach to understanding the process of behavior, so it will be used to do just that from this point forward. In this model, each letter has a meaning:

  • A: The letter “A” stands for Antecedents, which refer to something that precedes and stimulates behavior.
  • B: The letter “B” stands for Behavior and refers to any act or action observed by others.(The Behavior part of this model will be discussed further in The Role of Emotions and Understanding Leadership in the Management within Organizations sections.)
  • C: The letter “C” stands for Consequences, which arise directly from the behavior.

Figure 9: ABC model of behavior

Tip from The (New) Asset Management Handbook Revised: A Guide to ISO55000

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