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Collecting and analyzing data takes time, but can save your company thousands of dollars. However, a very detailed thorough report could cost your company thousands of dollars.

How so?


A Reliability Team goes into the plant to perform scheduled inspections. As they approach a line of (4) Motors and Gearboxes, the second one down, has very noticeable vibration. Vibration is collected, analyzed, and reported. Motor and Gearbox-2 is in a severe condition due to high vibration levels indicating looseness, imbalance, and bearing fault frequencies. Recommend inspecting coupling, realigning, tightening mounting bolts and replacing Gearbox bearing.

Maintenance goes out to Motor and Gearbox-2 and performs recommendations from the Reliability Team. Upon reevaluation, the Reliability Team goes out to the plant and notices that machine conditions haven’t changed. Upon further investigation, the plant’s Reliability Team, realizes that the Motor and Gearboxes are numbered from right to left and not left to right. What they thought was Motor and Gearbox-2 was actually Motor and Gearbox-3.

Be Sure to Report on the Right Piece of Equipment. Include pictures in your report. Ask questions, Investigate, or look for equipment ID Plates.

Tip Provided By: Shawn Richards

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