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Why does RCM work? Maybe a better statement is "why do companies not use RCM". This may surprise you but most leaders in operations and maintenance do not truly understand the value and application of Reliability Centered Maintenance and believe it is just for "maintenance". In addition, there are many in production/operations and maintenance leaders who think of RCM as being too complex, too costly, only works on new equipment, and is for maintenance problems only, however this is far from the truth.
"Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM2) is a process to ensure that assets continue to do what their users require in their present operating context"

If the equipment is not meeting the intent of the end users (ex. equipment not meeting production rate or equipment failures are occurring at an unacceptable rate) then it may be time to apply Reliability Centered Maintenance to the asset. Resolving a chronic problem may not be simple or you would have solved it by now. There are no quick fixes to a problem which has existed for a long time or creates pain. If the equipment is not meeting the intent of the end user one must take a pause and become educated in RCM. You may remember the movie, "Karate Kid", where the high ranking karate expert said to the inpatient student, "patience grasshopper". Apply this concept called "patience" first, then you and your production partner attend a 3 day RCM2 Intro Training Workshop and develop an action plan with your instructor so when you return you can demonstrate to management the impact RCM2 can have on production, maintenance, etc. (Just a thought; you may need to bring the instructor back to your site). One key point is to "make RCM2 part of your life and your life will change forever".

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Ricky Smith, CMRP, CMRT, CRL
Reliability Solutions Advisor

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