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A world class Reliability Centered Maintenance effort is totally dependent on the selection of your RCM Facilitators. The RCM Facilitator must have the experience and dedication it takes to adhere to the step by step RCM process, leading the team by the correct questions in the correct order. Your RCM facilitators should remember it's more important for them to be experts in the RCM process and not experts in the process or equipment they are analyzing.

While it has been proven a successful process for improving manufacturing and equipment reliability for several years, Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) still gets tagged as being a "tough or arduous" process by many. Some give up on the process all together and may claim, "RCM didn't work for us". If someone suggests this, the next question you should ask them is, "Did you implement the tasks identified in your analyses?" I can almost guarantee, the answer will be no. Companies who have successful RCM efforts understand that success can only occur following implementation. This is discussed further in "Why RCM Doesn't Work". Click here to get your free copy or to to find out more about RCM Blitz and other offerings click here to e-mail us.

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