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A good question to ask is why would we want to bother with Work Execution Auditing?

Here are a few good reasons that might help you decide to give it a try.

  1. After all the work and cost that went into creating and scheduling delivering work instructions / job card what actually matters is the turning of wrenches etc. following those procedures.
  2. You can use the data from these audits to establish a PM compliance metric - this is different from simply checking if a job got done as planned by seeing if the work order was closed out.
  3. It encourages you to get out there into the worksite and actually establish whether or not anyone is actually using the work instructions / job card
  4. It shouldn't take more than one hour to complete an audit.

And here is a free download in MS Excel format to get you started. You can customize it to suit your own needs and alter the weighting for the scores. Use the form for real time audits at the worksite. You might be surprised at what is actually going on out there!

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