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Test of Facilitated Uptime Elements Global Positioning System (UE GPS) Assessment

Test of Facilitated Uptime Elements Global Positioning System (UE GPS) Assessment

Uptime Elements GPS Rapid Reliability Benchmarking: An Overview

Reliability is crucial for business, representing the likelihood that an asset, item, or system will function as expected under given conditions within a specific timeframe. The Uptime Elements GPS (UE GPS) offers key benefits beyond core reliability measures, such as sustainability and energy efficiency improvements, enhanced brand perception, boosted workforce morale, and better recruitment and retention strategies. UE GPS leverages the Uptime Elements framework to evaluate how an organization manages value, reduces risk, and prevents failures.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the UE GPS Benchmarking Assessment involve?
The UE GPS Benchmarking Assessment unfolds in a structured three-phase approach:

  • Preparation Phase: Setting up the site, defining objectives, and identifying potential risks.
  • Benchmarking Assessment Phase: Completing a comprehensive questionnaire and scoring all relevant areas.
  • Closeout Phase: Benchmarking performance and planning future actions.
What exactly is the UE GPS Benchmarking Assessment
UE GPS provides an advanced, standalone evaluation based on the Uptime Elements framework.
  • It's designed for completion within 3 hours.
  • Applicable at both the enterprise and site levels, it includes detailed questions across all domain and element levels of the Uptime Elements, culminating in comprehensive scoring.
  • Benchmarking against over 30 industry verticals globally allows for detailed comparisons.
  • It features robust reporting tools for in-depth analysis.

Can the UE GPS Benchmarking Assessment be conducted remotely?
Yes, the UE GPS Benchmarking Assessment can be conducted entirely remotely, although on-site execution is also an option.

What domains does the UE GPS Benchmarking Assessment assess?
The benchmarking assessment covers six key domains of the Uptime Elements, including Reliability Engineering for Maintenance (REM), Asset Condition Management (ACM), Work Execution Management (WEM), Leadership for Reliability (LER), Asset Management (AM), and Digitalization/IoT (IoT), spanning forty-four elements in total.

How quickly can results be delivered?
Results from the UE GPS Benchmarking Assessment can be delivered in as little as eight hours, covering the entire process from setup to reporting. Additional options are available for deeper analysis, further benchmarking, and the development of detailed improvement strategies.

Real-World Impact
Reliability transcends maintenance to become a strategic business initiative. With over 6000 companies and 4000 Certified Reliability Leaders utilizing the Uptime Elements, it's clear that reliability strategies encompass value management, asset functionality assurance, and risk mitigation. UE GPS streamlines this process, ensuring outcomes that are technically sound, diverse, sustainable, digital, and inclusive.

Six Knowledge Domains Assessed

UE GPS assesses six domains contained in the UE. The six domains include Reliability Engineering for Maintenance (REM), Asset Condition Management (ACM), Work Execution Management (WEM), Leadership for Reliability (LER), Asset Management (AM), and Digitalization/loT (loT). Additionally, there are forty-four total elements in the six domains that are used in the assessment delivery.

Timely Delivery and Results

UE GPS is set up to be delivered in as little as eight hours! This includes setup, assessment information gathering, information entry, assessment scoring, benchmarking, and reporting. Additional tiers allow for analysis, additional benchmarking, and developing improvement plans/roadmaps.

Real World Applications

Reliability is NOT a maintenance initiative. It is a business initiative. Over 6000 companies use the UE, in addition to over 4000 Certified Reliability Leaders (CRL) in place. Reliability involves managing value delivery and the functional assurance of assets while minimizing the effects of risk and failure. The UE allow users to deliver results technically, diversely, sustainably, digitally, inclusively, and more. UE GPS helps refine this journey and results.


Basic Tier

Basic Assessment based on Connect, Configuration, Setup, Assess, Run, Data, Compare Data, and Report.

  • Connect, Configuration, and Setup
  • Assess and Run Data
  • Compare Data and Report

Tier 1

Tier 1 Assessment plus Advanced Data Analytics and Enhanced Vertical Benchmarking.

  • Tier 1 Applications
  • Advanced Data Analysis
  • Enhanced Vertical Benchmarking

Tier 2

Tier 2 plus Actionable Item Planning, Opportunity Roadmap and Timeline Development.

  • Tier 2 Applications
  • Actionable Item Planning
  • Opportunity Roadmap and Timeline Development



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