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IMC Presentation 44:48 Minutes

by Sergio Rossi, RP4M

Among all of the global challenges we faced and solved during the year 2020, there is one that will stand out in our industry and will forever change the way we manufacture our products. 

Breakdowns used to dominate our industry severely and negatively affecting output (GNP). We tried PM, PdM, CBM,TPM, WCM and many other acronyms over the last 60 years. Most efforts failed within a few years as they proved to be unsustainable long term.

For the first time in our history, we have at our disposal a method, the technologies and training available to finally and forever minimize ALL machinery losses. What seemed like a utopia just a couple of years ago, it is now a reality.

This presentation shows a method, technology and training only now available. You can use it to integrate and generate the synergies needed to max revenues, profits and market share of any machine-dependent industry such as manufacturing.

Said method, based in proven engineering disciplines, provides the step-by-step needed to max maintenance, reliability and performance (MRP). It can generate results in a very short amount of time, something no other improvement process could achieve alone. Using this methodology, you can see gains in just 30 days. This short term gains will keep most executives supporting maintenance, reliability and performance efforts forever.

While we have had the technologies to predict breakdowns for about 30 years, we never had the knowledge to understand their real-time integration to better understand the failure (chaotic) process. In addition, we have more visual tools to simplify trending and failure analysis. Now, no one can question our ability to predict failures as accurately as never before.

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