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A New Paradigm for Executing Geographically Diverse PdM Program

A New Paradigm for Executing Geographically Diverse PdM Program

The RELIABILITY Conference Learning Session - 39:40 
Ken Piety, Azima DLI

Mary Jo Cherney joined GE Appliances to help them embark on a new reliability journey of excellence. Having been a part of other successful reliability programs for big brands – including one that won the John R. Battle Award under her leadership – Mary Jo understands the key elements needed to implement a program, drive change across the organization for a culture of reliability, and set the right metrics in place to maintain accountability. In this presentation, Mary Jo will touch on the driving forces to executing on precision lubrication, the catalyst for change in an organization that makes them hire a TPM Leader, where to start in your journey, lessons learned throughout Mary Jo’s experiences, and where she is starting with GE as well as next steps in their journey.

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