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Accelerating Maximo’s IoT Capabilities: What’s Holding You Back?

MaximoWorld 2017 RAP Talk - 21:45
by Ray Miciek, Aquitas Solutions

The pervasiveness of IoT is reaching new heights and never has the momentum been greater than in the asset intensive industries the Maximo community serves. When it comes to IoT, we are not just talking about IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) but touch points in all industries from process and discrete manufacturing to transportation and a multitude of facility operations.

Many of you have already begun the process of implementing an IoT strategy but just as many of you have yet to fully embrace it. The time to accelerate your Maximo’s IoT capabilities is now and take your predictive and prescriptive maintenance capabilities to the next level. This talk will focus on leveraging IoT business value through Maximo and touch upon such areas as: optimizing asset utilization, reaching new heights in collecting and exchanging data, monitoring, managing, and controlling connected devices, and governing your assets to prevent safety and regulatory risk. By talk’s end, you will realize that there is nothing holding you back from accelerating Maximo’s IoT capabilities at your plant or facility.

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