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Achieving Electrical Distribution Availability and Functionality by Utilizing the Uptime Elements

Achieving Electrical Distribution Availability and Functionality by Utilizing the Uptime Elements

IMC-2017 Learning Session 46:10
by Craig Edlund, Metropolitan Council Environmental Services.

A well designed and executed preventive maintenance (PM) program is key to ensuring availability and functionality of the plants electrical distribution system. Without it, plant operation is at risk from unpredictable, hidden failures. The best PM program not only delivers plant availability, it must be business oriented to include efficient staffing, coordinated scheduling and justified budgets.

Tailoring a traditional time-based PM program using the Uptime Elements ensures plant electrical stability and dramatically reduces unplanned outages while delivering business benefits. Improvements focus resources on the most important plant systems using risk identification. Transition to condition-based strategies further improves efficiency, and measurably reduces the number of electrical outages and increases equipment uptime. Condition-based approaches applied through reliability strategy development best practices have helped us increase PM frequencies based on number of recurring deficiencies and environmental conditions. This has reduced PM program costs and has increased plant availability, benefiting production further easing scheduling considerations.

The presentation details the integration of time-based and condition-based preventive maintenance approaches using the Uptime elements RSD, WEM and ACM to ultimately develop business results focused schedule and budget forecasts, including using external electrical contractors to level resource needs and maximize equipment utilization.

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