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Acoustic Lubrication Guidelines

Unfortunately, the video "GE Appliances Lubrication Journey" is unavailable. Please enjoy the following video on acoustic lubrication.

The RELIABILITY Conference - 35:05
by Jim Hall, The Ultrasound Institute

In this presentation, we will cover the ”Acoustic Lubrication Guidelines for Rolling Element Bearings in Electric Motors.” Most technicians began lubricating bearings by simply grabbing a grease gun and pumping grease into a bearing until they thought it was enough, or possibly they would see grease exiting from the bearing or motor casing. Acoustic Lubrication allows the end-user to see and hear changes that indicate when a bearing has enough grease without having over-lubricated the bearing. In this workshop, we will discuss instruments and hardware used to perform this application. Case histories will be discussed as well as an acoustic lubrication demonstration either through a live presentation or from video.

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