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An Objective Driven Approach to Manage Process Compliance with Maximo Data

Maximo Focused Forum - 43:22 
by Chris Wheeler, Cohesive Solutions and Bill Steudler, Penn State University

Alignment is paramount to performance management. Strategic objectives must be well defined and agreed upon. KPIs critical to evaluation of such objectives must be consistently measured. Business process must be uniform to produce trustworthy data. Lacking any one of these ingredients eliminates the ability to draw a clear line of sight from strategy to execution where methodical performance improvement occurs.
In consideration to the performance management paradigm discussed above, how does an organization efficiently monitor business process compliance? Furthermore, how does one correlate process improvement initiatives to KPIs and measurements vital to the achievement of strategic objectives? Penn State did just that, leveraging a strategic objective based approach to enhance work management process compliance and establish change management initiatives bolstering enterprise performance.

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