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Applying Design for Reliability (DfR) to a Multi-Billion Dollar Capital Portfolio

TRC-2019 Learning Session 45:34 minutes

by Marie Getsug, Jacobs

Design for reliability (DfR) is embraced as a significant strategic initiative to support an expanding capital project portfolio. When a client’s global capital project portfolio investment significantly increased due to the demand and success of their products, DfR was identified as a strategic approach to optimize the total cost of ownership (TCO) and ensure a reliable and sustainable product supply. As a result, a DfR workshop was held and resulted in simultaneously developing and applying DfR to current and future capital projects.

This presentation will cover how to align DfR with the corporate vision, mission and core values by establishing a declaration, preparing DfR charters for specific projects, and developing the corporate DfR framework and toolkit to ensure the momentum and commitments gained during the DfR workshop would continue to be a priority and the expected value, cultural influence, reliability, and performance results would be realized. 

Participants will learn how to:

  1. Develop a DfR framework and toolkit.
  2. Apply the standard DfR framework and toolkit to capital projects.
  3. Embed the DfR framework within an existing capital management process.
  4. Increase speed to market with a vertical startup and reducing the transition time from the CapEx to the OpEx phase of the asset lifecycle.
  5. Become a world class supplier of the highest quality, lowest lead time, and least cost products.
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