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A&SB Ultrasound Smart Cloud-Based CBM Strategy for Bearings

A&SB Ultrasound Smart Cloud-Based CBM Strategy for Bearings

TRC-2018 Learning Zone 44:56
by Carlos Garza, CTRL

Future is now and production facilities around the world begin to see the speed of information sharing produced by Condition Based Monitoring as a desirable investment. Airborne/Structure borne ultrasound has been used for decades, in bearing failure detection but now with ISO 29821-1 in our hands and the possibility of making a smart diagnosis and trending in cloud-based platform things change for good for practitioners. Baseline establishments, route compliance, asset diagnosis, speed as a technological advantage, and information sharing through all the organization, are now things to consider when implementing this technology in our maintenance strategy. Smart Data collection and resultant information management will become a must do for every company looking for boosting their availability and reliability indicators. A&SB Ultrasound combined with a cloud-based CBM platform will do the job for you.

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