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Asset Configuration Management - Why It Matters

IMC-2017 Focused Forum - 43:22
by Alan Kiraly, Bentley Systems and Jesse Rothkopf, Life Cycle Engineering

As the 2018 deadline to implement Positive Train Control (PTC) nears, the ability to know exactly what and where your assets are, how they have changed over time, what condition and remaining life they have and how they are currently performing becomes an even more fundamental competency for any rail organization. Asset information and configuration management needs to be an essential part of your asset management system.

In addition to preparing for PTC, your public transit organization faces numerous challenges including increased safety targets, stricter regulatory compliance, aging infrastructure, limited financial resources, and the growing amount of data stemming from IOT enabled systems. Understand the roadmap to deploying a fail-safe configuration management system that ensures mandated compliance while giving your organization the additional benefits of information integrity as well as a closed-loop change management process that provides consistency between all aspects of operational information and the requirements related to the asset being described.

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