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Asset Performance Management as a Service

Asset Performance Management as a Service

IMC-2018 Learning Zone 31:12

by Walt Sanford, PinnacleART

In a world of ever expanding population of Asset Performance Management (APM) systems, tools and technologies, it is imperative that an organization fully understand how to best employ these tools to maximize value. This presentation will demonstrate the application of APM as a centralized service model. The objective of the centralized model is to help clients achieve best-in-class, scalable asset performance management by facilitating data driven insight from Field execution through the APM Provider to the Asset Owner, in a vertical, 2-way flow of information. Presented from a case study perspective, APM Services Elements such as Assessing Performance & Opportunities, Developing Proactive Risk Management Strategies, Achieving and Sustaining High Performance and Supporting Life-Cycle Decisions will be explored. The APM as a Service's model allows dedicated, competent resources to be efficiently focused on management of physical assets, not people.

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