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Audit it. Improve it! Processes and KPIs for a Successful Condition Monitoring Program- Part 2

Audit it. Improve it! Processes and KPIs for a Successful Condition Monitoring Program- Part 2

The RELIABILITY Conference Workshop - 1.21:26
by Alan Friedman, Author

Sometimes people go to work and do their jobs taking measurements and writing reports, often with great care and skill. Their reports and recommendations then travel into a deep abyss from which they never return and are never heard from again. Sound familiar? This situation is unfortunately a common one in the condition-monitoring world. Machine condition reports are generated to help the planners plan but the planners never look at the reports. They might not know how to interpret them or they may simply choose to ignore them. A healthy machine might be replaced on a PM schedule even though there is nothing wrong with it. A machine might failure catastrophically even though there was plenty of evidence was available to predict the impending failure.

It is important to be certain that reports reach the people who need them and that the reports are understood, valued and utilized. This comes under the “right reporting” component of a successful program. What is also needed is a process of follow up and review to verify the reports are accurate and the program is providing the benefits it should. In this sense, “right follow up and review” is directly linked to “right goals.” This is the part of the process where you determine if your goals are being met. If they are not, then make appropriate changes to the program to evolve it or improve it.

This short course will also discuss KPI’s to measure to insure you are getting the most from your vibration monitoring or CM program.

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