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Backlog Management and Forward Planning at Central Arizona Project

Backlog Management and Forward Planning at Central Arizona Project

IMC-2016 Work Execution Management Case Study - 44:54  
by Robert Hitchcock, Matt Johnson, and Jeff Guy, Central Arizona Project

Managing your backlog without Forward Planning can lead to aging work orders and impede the ability to perform the right work at the right time. Central Arizona Project has implemented a Forward Planning process that keeps all known work and associated resources out in front of the Planner and Supervisor. By always looking forward, Planners now can efficiently group work for Outages, coordinate with Operations farther out, coordinate across work execution groups, balance resources, prioritize work, and reduce aging work orders. Implementation of this process required restructuring of the Maintenance Planning Department, creation of new positions, development of new skills; as well as the development and implementation of new processes, software, forms, reports, and metrics to demonstrate effectiveness.

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