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Basic Vibration Analysis, Case Histories

TRC-2018 Learning Zone 41:41
by Robert Jones, Vibrometrics

Reliability-centered maintenance depends on accurate information about the condition of the machinery. Vibration analysis is one method of obtaining that information. Our primary concern is the condition of the bearings. If the bearings are in good condition, even if the machine is out of balance, misaligned, or loose it still operates until these conditions can be corrected. But if the bearings are faulty, disaster can be just around the corner. By the use of vibration spectrums and time domain spectrums collected by the author, under operating plant conditions, it will be demonstrated how the necessary data can be analyzed to determine the condition of the machine bearings. With operational speeds that will vary from 8 RPM to 3600 RPM, other machine fault conditions and solutions will be presented. Someone once said that if we had perfect information we could all make perfect decisions. Vibration analysis may not provide perfect information but the information provided will enable the user to make better decisions during the operation of plant equipment.

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