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Best Asset Management Program (Uptime Award Winner) - Southern Gardens Citrus

IMC-2017 Learning Session - 46:56
by Brendon Russ and Jim Sullivan, Southern Gardens Citrus

After the publication of ISO 55000 Asset Management Standards, it shined a light on a need to create an overall plan of how we deal with assets, not just maintenance. Southern Gardens Citrus is a worldwide supplier of Florida orange juice. We have an established Strategic Asset Management Plan (SAMP) that is presided over and reviewed by executive management. The backbone of our asset management is our Management of Change (MOC) process.

This presentation will give an overview of asset management at Southern Gardens, showing the application of ISO 55000 guidelines and how they tie to how we approach creating a SAMP, asset knowledge, asset lifecycle management, performance indicators, continuous improvement, risk management, and decision making.