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MaximoWorld 2017 Learning Session - 36:32
by Robert Fetter, Skookum Contract Services

Skookum Contract Services has made significant advancements in the delivery of public works services in the federal sector using Maximo and mobile handheld devices. Skookum has developed a state-of–the art work management system that includes leading edge technologies, ISO-9001 certified processes, and unmatched service levels. Highlights include automated scheduling of preventive maintenance and repair work that allows for completion of over 24,000 Service Calls, 10,000 Preventive Maintenance Work Orders, 70,000 filter changes and maintenance of over 13,000 Pieces of Mechanical Equipment each year with an on-time completion rate of over 99%. The system also employs mobile devices for craftsman and quality control personnel to virtually eliminate paperwork and put mainframe power in the workers’ hands, including maintenance histories, hazard avoidance (safety!), and the capability for craftsman to take immediate action on problems of any size real time. In addition, the Skookum maintenance program includes a strong asset management capability that utilizes barcoding and e-forms to gather condition-based maintenance data on major electrical/mechanical equipment as well as building-wide performance PMs to ensure all system components and controls are working together to maximize reliability and energy efficiency. Finally, Skookum utilizes ISO-9001 certified processes and a unique all-encompassing Maximo-based work management scheme to manage all types of work from inception to completion, including Preventive Maintenance, Service Orders, and Larger Repair Projects. The results Skookum has achieved through this top 5% Maximo business application include significant costs savings, reduced “reactive” service calls and increased planned/predictive work over the past three years. The program has also eased the burden of facility work on building managers and occupants and serves as a major success story on the use of Maximo and handheld devices to vastly improve facilities management practices in the federal service sector.

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How IoT-Based Predictive Maintenance and Handheld Inspections Compare and Complement Each Other

How IoT-Based Predictive Maintenance and Handheld Inspections Compare and Complement Each Other

The manufacturing industry has been following a route-based monitoring approach for ages. Without question, AI and IoT has changed the way we look at condition monitoring and diagnostics.

Case Study: Overhead Crane Monitoring Using Wireless IIoT Sensors

Case Study: Overhead Crane Monitoring Using Wireless IIoT Sensors

Wireless vibration sensors have been around for quite some time and have traditionally been used on simple, constant speed machines.

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