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Best Reliability Engineering for Maintenance Program (Uptime Award Winner) - Bristol-Myers Squibb

Best Reliability Engineering for Maintenance Program (Uptime Award Winner) - Bristol-Myers Squibb

IMC Learning Session - 40:28
by Michael Andrews and Luis Tirado-Maldonado, Bristol-Myers Squibb

The function of the reliability engineering program is to help deliver the company’s mission by ensuring its assets, systems and infrastructure run as designed and the highest possible uptime without compromising safety or quality to our patients. The reliability engineering program at BMS focuses on a system lifecycle approach to equipment from design, build, acceptance, use and disposal. Strategies for this approach are continually aligned to the business mission. Real-time key performance indicators (KPIs) to a strong failure reporting analysis and corrective action system (FRACAS) helps monitor the effectiveness of the program while also striving for continuous improvement. Reliability-centered maintenance (RCM) approaches are also employed - a main component being criticality ranking of equipment, which aids in the level of RCM assessment given to a piece of equipment. The RCM for high critical equipment may include: work order history analysis, FMEA, BOM, maintenance strategy optimization and life cycle costing. Condition monitoring strategies are also determined using the level of criticality. The criticality ranking is configured in the enterprise asset management system and allows for priority of work scheduling, as well as aiding in focus of failure analytics and reporting. Without question, this program is most effective due to the leadership and culture developed at BMS and at all levels in the organization. Cross-functional teams from engineering, operations, quality, management, maintenance, metrology and supply chain all take part in reliability forums and training on the Certified Reliability Leadership program using the Uptime Elements™ framework.

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