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Best Work Execution Management Program (Uptime Award Winner) - Skookum Contract Services

IMC-2017 Learning Session - 31:03
by Robert Potter & Robert Fetter, Skookum Contract Services.

Skookum utilizes IBM / Maximo and the EX Max Mobile products to put the best possible tools in the hands of our workforce. The ability to leverage technology and process improvement more than demonstrates our ability to help our clients meet their mission while allowing our employees the ability to be as productive as possible. In essence, Maximo provides assistive technology that helps our employees succeed in their jobs.

Being recognized for our efforts with the 2017 Best Work Execution Management Program Uptime Award is greatly appreciated and demonstrates our quality in support of our client, in this case the United States Army at Ft. Lee, VA. At Ft. Lee, we have developed the technology and is the springboard for our team leveraging this experience for other locations across Skookum. Currently, we have over 300 users on multiple Maximo installations nationwide.