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Capital Investment Planning Process with Multiple Wastewater Sites and Linear Assets

Capital Investment Planning Process with Multiple Wastewater Sites and Linear Assets

IMC-2018 Learning Session 44:13

by Steven Schneider, Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District

The complete Capital Investment Planning (CIP) Process uses Condition Based Risk Management of all Assets at each location (Department), installation Dates of the Assets, the Design Life of the Assets, and the Rehab or Replacement Costs to nominate assets for a Capital Improvement Project. Other nominations that are less objective can also be nominated. Each Department nominations are then validated between the Operations and Maintenance and Engineering & Construction Departments. Once Validation occurs, the nomination is turned into a data-sheet and entered into a master database. Scoring for each data-sheet is performed based on Financial, Compliance, Reputational, Environmental, Strategic/Operational, and Safety Risks. Prioritization is then performed on all projects for all the sites and are compared to both current and future needs. From the Prioritization of the data sheets, projects are added into the CIP Cashflow by Project Controls and are placed where plant management indicates their initial preference of schedule. The E&C Planning Department then coordinates with the Finance Department and analyzes the schedule based on estimated costs vs revenue per year and if it will go over an acceptable financial threshold. If needed, projects will be adjusted based on their prioritization score and financial impact. 

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