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Cognitive Capabilities: The Missing Tool Reliability Teams Have Been Screaming For

TRC-2018 Learning Zone 44:16
by Rosa Reissmann, Reissco Corp

Outcome Review on the state-of-art and building blocks of the next generation software with cognitive capabilities as part of your arsenal of Artificial Intelligence tools. Why now, why not before… A view on what the next generation software-providing tools for text analytics, cognitive search and machine learning bring to the maintenance and reliability arena. How a reliability engineer’s mindset and understanding makes the best candidate to train cognitive search engines. Finally, 1 + 1 is bigger than 2… View on how to enrich the search and data insights offered by cognitive search by complementing them with RCM techniques. How business processes in maintenance, reliability and asset management change by bringing cognitive capabilities into the equation. Come out of this presentation with explicit knowledge on what realistically can be expected from structured and unstructured information and how to start the journey that combines disperse information with your reliability efforts, in particular, if your company’s processes maturity level is on level 2 or 3.

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